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Caffeine as a Stress Manager?

by robert on April 3, 2012

When I am in a calm and clear mind state, I feel productive.  Feeling productive makes me less stressed.  So I’ll go ahead and claim that a great cup of coffee reduces my stress. Here are two of my favorite ‘coffee tools’ (ahem, stress management tools).

Grind It, then Press It

The problem with those little coffee grinders with the whirring ninja steel blade is that they actually chop the coffee, they don’t grind it. The chopping leaves the coffee too coarse, and it induces heat which burns the coffee.  The key to good coffee is grinding it fine, but also grinding it at low temperatures, which is just what a true ‘burr grinder’ machine will do.  After researching online I found the Capresso Burr Grinder.   14 months later, I’m still as love with it as I was the first day.

Perk up productivity

Perk up productivity

The AeroPress coffee maker is a simple, cheap, and fun to use coffee maker that makes a richer, smoother cup of coffee.  It is so simple and small and light you can even backpack it.  The coffee is so good it beats $1000 espresso machines, in my opinion.

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