8. 11/1/05 - 8 Hours of Shoveling - Check out my Bicep
Shoveling Gravel
On Saturday, we completed what I consider the last necessary task of getting our house and yard up to par.  From here on out, any projects are purely fun/ornamental/extra/etc.  We put gravel in the side yards, just in time for winter and rain.  We shoveled gravel literally all day.  Meanwhile, our next-door neighbors were having a halloween-themed birthday party.  It was mostly adults and they were all dressed up.  Some neat costumes.  It kept us entertained.  Some of the guests came over to talk to us and find out why we were working so hard.  We were invited to come over when we were done, but we were too exhausted.  I was sore in muscles I'd forgotten about the next day, a good workout. 
Here's the finished product...
Jack now lives in our big spacious new side yard on the south side of our house, though he's still on his staked long leash as we haven't gotten up the other chain link fence yet.  This is why he had to be moved to the side yard.  Hopefully, the grass will recover now....
2s & 3s
Sunday was my last sunday teaching 2s & 3s sunday school.  I've been teaching since the sunday after we got back from our honeymoon, over 2 years straight in there.  I was ready for a change.  Plus, the kids that I started with are now moving up, so Mom and I are moving up to teach 4s & 5s.  I'm ready to have kids that are all potty-trained, don't cry when their parents leave because they're so little, and can actually answer questions during story time instead of staring at you blankly.  We'll see how it goes...
We had Ryan over for dinner and held down the fort and handed out candy to the kids who made it down to our dark corner.  A neighbor across the street went all out and had the most decorated house I've ever seen.  Let's just say it will take days to take down all the spider webbing.  Ryan and Aaron went over to check it out, then came back and said I had to go over there.  She had her door open and her house all dark with candles and a fire in the fireplace.  She had scary sounds playing in the background and she was dressed like a witch and would stand in the doorway and scream at you when you walked up.  Then her husband and his brother were both sitting on the porch in masks, looking like dummies and would grab you as you walked by.  People were driving to our street just to hop out and go to her house, then leave.  It was pretty wild.  (Sidenote:  sadly, we never did carve another set of pumpkins.  Just didn't get around to it.  What with all the shoveling and all.
Just a Rant
Why are stoplights not all on censors?  The stoplight at Calvine and Bradshaw is always way backed up in 3 directions going home, and it is not on a censor, where it turns red when there's no more cars.  Monday night I feel in the unfortunate predicament of the light turning yellow and either trying to make it or obeying the law and missing it by 1 car.  I stopped and 5 cars went by me, then I started counting and it was another 55 seconds before it switched to red for them, and only 1 car went by!  Meanwhile, 40+ cars are waiting to go in the other 3 directions.  What a waste!
More Oatmeal Butterscotchies
Last night I baked some more of Aaron's new favorite cookies for our upcoming trip to Yerington, NV this weekend.  He suggested I double the recipe, which ended up overkill, as we now have 80 cookies for 3 people for 1 weekend.  It took 2 hours and 7 pan changes to use all the dough. 

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Nov 8, 2005  ( 1 post )  
Tom Carr (penpaint)
The gravel looked like lots of work. I put a lot aroung my house 40 years ago, and now it needs more. It is on moy to do list somewheres. That spooky house actoss the street sure sounds great! And all those oatmeal cookies. Are they gone yet?
Thanks for the neat update on what is new there!
Nov 5, 2005  ( 1 post )  
Doug and Doris Campbell (douglas210)
Wow!  The gravel does make the yard look terrific!  Good job!
Nov 2, 2005  ( 2 posts )  
Richard Carr (richard)
The gravel looks good. 
Congratulations on the house and yard!!
We'll take some of your excess cookies :-)
Kathy Carr (kathy)
Wow, it looks great!  Bring some of those cookies over here on Friday!  I've done the overkill on cookies a lot in the old days.
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