Meeting Minutes July
Cooken Meeting held in regular location.  Called to order at noon by Vice President John Sullivan.
New members AC8GX and W8ATA Introduced.
Eldon reminded everyone about group emails.
John read an email from Jack about his adventures in Australia.
The treasurer ( W8NM ) reported a pre meeting balance of $322.65
Bob and Fritz talked about the upcoming John Clem SE station.
Fritz reminded everyone about the upcoming Ohio State Parks on the air event on Sept. 11. He will host a party at his Buckeye Lake cottage.  More info later.
Eldon invited all COOKEN members to an Ohio QSO party party at his QTH on August 28.  Food and Drink will be served by host.  We will operate under WW8OH call.
Eldon plans to have two stations up.  One on covered patio and one in his basement ( regular station).  We will split up into either modes or bands or both.  Times are 1:00 to midnight.  Details will be worked out during the August meeting.

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