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I would like to hear feedback.  Your visit to my Keep and Share document vault is completely anonymous, however I do welcome comments.  More than anything I want this information to be helpful to other people.  I do not want all the pain and loss that our family has suffered as a result of these poor business decisions, crimes, and other circumstances to be in vain.

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Oct 4, 2016  ( 1 post, 1 reply Apr 3, 2018 )  
Kristen Edelman (faustinah)

Thank you.  The information you provided about Fighting DHS is very helpful.  My case is probably way too late, but I'm hoping to help others.  These are things people need to know from the very beginning and not to discover later like I did.  Thanks again.  Cheers.

Lisa OHanlon (angry_jeweler_com)

It's never too late. Subject Matter Jurisdiction can be challenged no matter how remote in history. And if the judge never had it; sue his estate and ruin his family's life now. 

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