Meeting Minutes January 2011

The January meeting of Cooken was called to order by Jack, K8EM at the COTC library at Noon, January 15, 2011.  The following members were present: K8EM, N8DFQ, W5UHQ, W8NM, AC8GI, K8NQ, KB3DAJ, KC8AHN, KD8DZ, KD8MSS, N8WL,W3HKK, W8ATA,W8TNI, WD8BBE, WD8DKZ,AND newly rejoining member Dave N2KNC ( welcome back Dave).


The first order of business was the vote on three Constitution and By-Law changes passed out at the December meeting.  The Cooken board made a valiant attempt to get members out for a vote but we still fell short of the quorum required in the baseline constitution.  A motion was made from the floor to suspend the quorum rules for this vote only.  It was seconded and after considerable discussion by the majority members present, it was unanimously approved to go ahead and vote with those present.  The amendments also passed unanimously.  They are now published on the main Cooken website.


The second item of old business was publishing the Silent Key page on the web.  The Secretary reported that a page has been generated and the obit info for Randy Smith was added.  Thanks to Jack and Weldon for their inputs.


Bob W3HKK our Contest Coordinator reported on upcoming contests and asked Cooken members to participate and send their scores in with the Cooken credits.  He also reported that COOKEN had taken first place in the Ohio State Parks on the Air Contest and that the results for the Ohio QSO party will not be announced until shortly before the next contest.  We hope to do well in that contest as well.  Keep up the great work people.  For a small club, we should be proud of our ratings.


A treasures report was given by W8NM and will be published on the Blog regularly.


W8NM asked the group about posting ham Want Adds on the Cooken Blog. No one had a problem with that since it gives locals first pick at items before going on nationwide postings.


David Doyle volunteered to chair a committee that would look into COOKEN support of  BSA activities this year including Jamboree on the Air.


Eldon Peterson proposed ( and offered to chair a committee) that COOKEN this year develop an educational  public display and presentation tracing the history of Digital Communications going from drums and smoke signals to modern SMS texting.  The main emphasis would be in collecting some artifacts of intermediate stage communications including a wired telegraph setup, Marconi Wireless period ( maybe a low powered spark TX/RX) , HF radio CW ( hams contributions), landline and radio teletype, all the way up to the current day.  Eldon wants to tie this presentation into activities commemorating the Civil War period where the electrical communication inventions played a big part in Union Victories.  This is the 150th Anniversary of Civil War in Licking County (at least) and there could be many opportunities this year to display the exhibit.  Other ideas include having a two way Morse Code CW demonstration and sending the same text message with a pair of cell phones like was done on the Leno show a couple of years ago.  Steve  Katz noted that we might be able to show the demo at the July 4 celebration at Granville and during our other Special Events.  Ideas for this project are Eldon if you would like to be on the committee.


KD8DZ asked the group if we could create a members only list of phone numbers.  A list was passed around the room, and those interested added their name and numbers to the list.  It was emphasized that COOKEN board will not use this information for any activity as a club and is separate from the information we ask for when joining the club.  It will not be posted on the internet or used in CC:'s on emails to preserve privacy.  The list will be copied and passed out to those on the list at next meeting.  Anyone wanting a copy before then that signed up, send Secreary and email and he will scan a copy and email it to you.


KC8AHN suggested we look into a new site for Field Day this year.  John Sullivan accepted the task of checking with Dawes to see if we could tie our Dawes event into Field Day this year. No decision was reached but we should try to drive down a site in the next couple of months since other planning stems on the location selected.

W5UHQ suggested ( if we don't use our slot for Field Day) that we might consider reserving the Four Church Farm for a Two and Six-meter contest next fall.  That high location with  good beams is ideal for that event and the altitude advantage does not really matter that much on HF.  Most of the club voiced a concern that the Farm, not being publically accessible,  is a dis-advantage.

Weldon K8NQ asked Cooken members support for an ARES Winter Run event near Granville on February 12.  Contact the EC if you would like to help out with this event.  More info is available on the ares website. .  He and N8WL also reminded COOKEN members that NARA dues help to support the W8WRP repeaters and elicited support of the club if for no other reason than that. NARA dues are $15.00 a year.  Quite a bargain for an excellent repeater system.
W3HKK reminded members that there is a hamfest at Mansfield that day and also one at Nelsonville on January 16.


The meeting was adjourned at 1330 and several members stayed afterwards to enjoy eyeball QSOs.

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