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Visiting William Miller's Shares (account name: pack3553)

This topic is for questions/answers/discussion about Keep & Share.


This free service gives us the ability to streamline communication and coordinate efforts easily.

Valuable time spent at leadership meetings can focus on things which cannot be accomplished here.

KeepandShare will also cut time and money spent on printing/copying, because all information/forms/etc.

can easily be shared with anyone that has access to the internet.

Unlike facebook, you do not have to have an account to access publicly shared info.

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Aug 20, 2011  ( 1 post )  
9:41 pm
William Miller (pack3553)

Each user of keep&share has a share page.  This page is where you can place items that are automatically shared with the public.  It's like each user's own personal webpage.


Users do not have to be HTML literate to use this feature.  Current leaders already have a default page I created that they can and should edit or replace.


To recreate the sharepage from scratch:

From the Dashboard tab, select "Share Page" and then "Create".  This will take you through a 3-4 simple step process that generates the code for you.


NOTE:  For now I recommend that you DO NOT upload photos during this process.... just select "continue" when you have the opportunity to upload photos.  Why?  Because the create process for a new share page automatically puts photos that you upload into a folder that you will not have acess to.



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