Meeting Minutes March 2012

The meeting was opened at 12:00 noon by President Mike Mickelson.


John reported 330.00 plus 8.00 in cash .  23 paid up members.


Discussion on Dawes Special Event on April 28.

40 meters SSB only.

Using vertical



Starting QSOs at 10:00 AM

W5UHQ put info on and make the certs again.  Will need pictures.


VHF contest is go at barn on 9-10 June.


Field Day is semi firm at the Four Church Farm.   Brad is working on a proposal idea for the club

to invest in a better 10-20 meter antenna for FD.  Will know farm is reserved on June 1 if we have to make alternate plans.

w5UHQ has already made a donation to cover our use of farm.


28 March is Weather Service Training for spotters.



Cub Scout Demo will be held on March 22 at 7:00 PM  Contact David Doyle.


The business meeting adjourned at 1:00 and we all enjoyed a great video loaned by K8LJ on the last "Big" field day which claimed 51 transmitters.




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