Blender Productions Critique & Analysis

Posted by Nate Sullivan September 24 at 10:57 PM

"Just an early idea for a topic - aside from seeing what everyone's up to - it might be fun to watch the Tears of Steel."

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Sep 25, 2012  ( 1 post )  
Jennifer Bogartz (jen_b)

I would like to see Tears of Steel.

Sep 24, 2012  ( 1 post )  
Multiversal Empires Collaboration Project (jenuvyel)

In a group setting, we could learn more from each other's scrutiny and Blender experience than any one of us could hope to catch or understand watching it independently.


I've watched all of Sintel.  I've only watched a snippet of Big Buck Bunny, and none of the others out there (Elephant Dreams, et. al.).  Any/all Blender works, including those from outside our group, could potentially be wonderful examples for inspiration.


Anthony Price’s Blender Guru was doing critiques.  His last Focused Critique, #12 (, he did on 4 November 2011.  The few I watched were very informative, exemplifying how we can all benefit from everyone’s experiences.

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