Spying From Space by David Arnold

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Feb 19, 2005  ( 2 posts )  
Keith Smith (keithramsey)
Quoted from an email of Wed, 9 Feb 2005
Have you gotten a copy of David Arnold's book, yet?
I recommend it for AFSOA members.
Spying from Space  is a comprehensive review of the
 AFSCF's developmental history. Lots of rationale for
how it came about. My criteria for judging something
like this is to try to overlay my own experience and
see how well it lines up with the points of the
book. Considering the number of years ago that much
of this took place, the compartmentalization and
need to know that existed and a fuzzy memory, I
would say that David has done a very creditable job.
This doesn't mean that knowledgeable readers may not
have occasion to wonder, "Is that correct?" Or
mutter, "I don't think so!" For most of us it will
reveal things that we have wondered about or hadn't
the slightest inkling of. It is a book many of us
would have liked to have written, but were too busy
with other things to do all the work necessary to
get it done. AFSOA members owe a debt of gratitude
to David.

The book is not cheap -- $48 from Amazon.com. You
 might want to consider a bulk purchase if a
 reasonable discount could be negotiated. I'd check
 with David to see if that could be arranged. Maybe
 even to ring him in on a book signing. You might
 consider a meet-the-author gathering where we could
 all gather and interact. It would be a great excuse
 for a very informal meeting. Possibly one in your
 area and one down here.  
ust some thoughts.
Air Force Space Operations Association (afsoa)
Hi all
This disscussion topic has been set us so that you can submit your thoughts, questions and suggestions about this new book. The goal is to foster an intersting and valuable commentary about SPYING FROM SPACE
Tom Carr
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