The wiki at blenderPDX is now up and running

In addition to the web site, we now also have the wiki at up and running. We can use the wiki as the back office and discussion area. Much like we have been doing here on Keep and Share, but for several reasons the wiki is better.


You can get to the wiki by the link above or copy/paste into your browser. The .com equivalent will also work.


For convenience, this site repeats some of the items on the BlenderPDX site, such as coming events and lists of resources. The difference is that on the wiki, any member can add to or correct anything. So the wiki is likely to become the place to work up early drafts of things that would be moved to the public-facing Wordpress site when they are finalized. A few pages on this and that have been started, others have been identified but yet to be created: those are the red links.


Since the wiki retains a copy of every version of every page, you do not have to worry about clobbering someone else's work. It is always possible to revert a page back to a previous version. So drop the inhibitions and go at it.


You can surf the wiki's pages as an anonymous visitor, but you need to log in (the login link is on the top right of each page) to fully participate. There is a registration option on the login page. Choose a sensible user name-- it would make the most sense to use the same name on both web sites. You can enter a password (again it might make sense to use the same one on both sites), or if you leave the password blank, the wiki will send you a random one by email. You can change that later.


Expect a second email within a day of joining that will tell you that you have been made a member (added to the "membr" group). Members can edit any page, which is useful for adding or correcting something, but also for creating links to other pages to branch off to a new topic. Members can also upload and add images to pages, or make a mymodel.blend file available for downloading, and so on. Members can also create their own pages, in their own private space if they wish, which could be useful in developing an on-line portfolio, resume, etc.


Have fun with it.


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