AWARDS: Worked All Cooken (WAC)

At it's  February, 2013  meeting, COOKEN ARC  voted to begin a new award, open to all operators, effective immediately!   The details are as follows:




                                       "Worked All Cooken Award"


In recognition of outstanding achievement, effort, and dedication, in your hunting, tracking down and actually contacting the highly prized, certified members of the most "radioactive " club in America: The COOKEN A.R.C. ; and, furthermore, in recognition that this effort was made at all hours of the day and night, on any band or mode, despite challenging propagation, local QRM and protestations to “pull the Big Switch and come to bed, (or worse!)” you are hereby bestowed this, the most treasured, most sought after award of all.


COOKEN 20: Awarded for contacting 20 different COOKEN club or member call signs on ANY band.


COOKEN 25: Awarded for contacting 25 or more different COOKEN club or member call signs, using FIVE or more modes , and TEN different bands.





THE AWARD: This handsome award was created in 2013 and will be in the form of a self-printed certificate available on our website, with your “magic password.”  Webmeister W5UHQ -Eldon - has kindly offered to create the certificate.


OUR GOAL: To encourage greater activity among our members, other locals, and hams around the state and world, on as many bands, and modes, as possible;  in order to get to know each other, to further develop general operating skills, emergency communications skills, and our knowledge and understanding of the many uses of, and needs for, the various modes and frequencies available to the amateur radio community.


QSO EXCHANGE: Exchange names and the year in which you were first licensed as a ham radio operator.                             (i.e. Bob, 1956.)


APPLICATION: Post your email application on the COOKEN Blog under the heading “AWARDS: Worked All Cooken,” listing each call sign, their name and year of licensing, and the date, time(z), mode and band used for each QSO.



Note:   Any questions, comments, etc. should be posted on the  AWARDS blog,  or emailed to Use of the AWARDS blog is encouraged.



Rev. 7 Feb, 2013–Bob W3HKK

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Feb 11, 2013  ( 4 posts )  
Bob Elek (w3hkk)

You nailed it, Eldon!


25 different members must be worked.  And  working those 25 members must include a grand total of 5  different modes and 10 different bands.  Period.


ie  Even if you could work just one member  on five modes and 10 bands, you still need  24 other member qsos.  Or any combination in between that add up to 25/5/10.



Cooken Club (cooken)

Very good idea Bob.  I think you should clarify that you do not have to contact all 25 stations on 50 band*mode pairs...... ust as long as you spread your 25 contacts out to include at least one each on the 10 bands and at least one on each of five modes. At least I hope you didn't mean 25*5*50  contacts or we will be here forever.


 I am going to list my bands and modes for those wanting to make a contest QSO or check out a new mode.  I can get on 160, 80, 40, 30, 20, 17, 15, 12, 10, 6, 2, and 70 cm all modes and 33 cm FM only.


CW, SSB, AM, FM, PSK, RTTY, and any other digital mode someone wants to try.  I do not consider echo link a mode and will not be making any of those kind of schedules.


I usually monitor 145.700 when I am in ham shack.


W5UHQ   Cooken charter member   Eldon 1959.  email me at    for a schedule.

Bob Elek (w3hkk)

Hints and Tips on making your WAC contacts:


1. During or after weekly nets. (ask Net Control first.)

2. During  COOKEN Special Events and  Contest Events. 

3. The next events for WW8OH are the last weekend of Feb ( CQWW160 meter ssb contest), and the first weekend in March ( ARRL WW DX ssb Contest, on 10-15-20-40-80-160m) We will work you if we can hear you.

4. The next event for W8TNX is Arbor Day, in April, at a date yet to be determined ( 40m ssb).

5. W8FD is only active for Field Day in late June. We have multiple stations on multiple modes, including 10-15-20-40-80-160m)

6. Private scheds can be arranged in advance by any method you choose, or  better yet,  arranged following the regular scheduled nets. 

7. Use of 2m to spot or inquire about  operating frequencies  for WW8OH, W8TNX, W8FD, and any member station is permitted.  (Note: Remember,  COOKEN is allowed use of the 88 repeater, but does not contribute directly to its upkeep.  Individuals who use  the 88 machine are  encourages to make a personal donation to this  very important repeater.


Bob Elek (w3hkk)

The WAC award is officially open for business.  You may begin making and tracking your contacts now.  Good luck to all.

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