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May 19, 2005  ( 1 post )  
Michele Nelson (pjsigning)
Michele's prayer requests
Please pray for my mother's back surgery which is coming up on 5/25 at 8:30 am. She is going to recover at a nursing facility and has trouble with them losing her laundry and other things happen. Pray that God would remind her constantly that He is with her and that He will "go before her to make the rough places smooth." (Isaiah 45:2) I know He will do it and will provide for all her needs but Mom has a hard time trusting that God can provide for even her physical needs. Instead of praying about it and waiting expectantly to see how God will work, she looks to her children and her friends as her provider. I have been praying for years that she would realize that He is always the only answer to her every need. The almighty God does not fail! Pray this with me if you would. He needs to heal my mom in more than one way. Right now her back surgery seems like the need that requires the most prayer, but her faith is really the most urgent need.  It always has been. Please pray for  my finances too-I am having trouble making ends meet. He really always has reminded me that He is the glory behind Ephesians 3:20. Only He can exceed abundantly. His love has always blown me away. I will wait expectantly and hope in Him.
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