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EVR Submission
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May 19, 2015  ( 1 post )  
8:35 am

We have a client (veteran and spouse) whose application (completed by another entity) for pension was denied. The other entity failed to include the veteran's assisted living expenses and the claim was denied because the income is too high. When the medical/assisted living expenses are figured in, the income is negative.


The denial letter requests completion of a 21-0516-1 and a 21-8416. The instructions in the denial letter regarding the 21-8416, invite submission of medical expenses for the year following denial, which is in the future.


Do we use the 21-8416 to show payment of the unreimbursed expenses for the year prior to the original submission? for the future?


Put another way, what is the best way to correct the prior application to show the medical/assisted living expenses which existed at the time of the original application?

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