The Most interesting Quotes of Immanuel Kant

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Fatka Lanka (21silena)

The Most interesting Quotes of Immanuel Kant.
Immanuel Kant, an outstanding German philosopher of the XVIII century, left a huge legacy in the field of ethics, epistemology and metaphysics. His works formed the foundations of Western philosophy and had a huge impact on the development of world thought. In this article we present the best and inspirational quotes of Immanuel Kant, which still arouse respect and delight among people.
"Two substances fill my mind with everything: the starry sky above me and the moral law in me." ("Criticism of practical reason").
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This quote reflects the importance of moral values and morality in Kant's philosophy. He believed that our inner moral consciousness is an integral part of the universal order and has the same importance as the observation of the starry sky.
"A person becomes a person only when he can put the most difficult questions before himself." ("Criticism of Pure Reason")
Kant encourages us to actively seek the truth and ask difficult questions about the world and our place in it. He believed that true knowledge is achieved only through self-critical thinking and constant activity of contemplation and analysis.
"Act only according to such a maxim that you may at the same time want it to become a universal law." ("Foundations for the Metaphysics of Morality")
This quote illustrates Kantian ethics and the principle of the categorical imperative. Kant argued that our action must conform to a norm that we may want to be accepted by all people. Thus, we must act with maximum ethics and universalize our moral principles.
"Think for yourself." ("What is Enlightenment?")
This quote is iconic and expresses the essence of Kant's Enlightenment. The philosopher urged people to free themselves from uncritical thinking and trust in authorities, and instead develop their own thinking and reasoning abilities.
"Trust, but check." ("Logic of illusions")
Kant emphasized the need for critical thinking and analysis in order to avoid mistakes and illusions. He urged us not to take the information on faith, but to investigate, analyze and verify the facts before accepting any statements.
"A person can take out the most important thing from himself if he aspires." ("Criticism of practical reason")
This quote emphasizes that willpower and aspiration can overcome any difficulties and help a person achieve their goals. Kant argued that the idea of the possibility of achieving something is the first step towards its realization.
Immanuel Kant's quotes continue to inspire and inspire people's thoughts century after century. They remind us of the importance of ethics, critical thinking and the constant pursuit of knowledge. Kant's quotations become an indispensable guide for those who seek a deep understanding of the world and the development of their personality.

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