Detergents for the oil and gas industry 

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Jul 15, 2023  ( 1 post, 2 replies )  
Jerel Weber (jerel)


Those who have ever worked in the oil and gas industry know that oil and gas contaminants are difficult to remove. They require the use of specialty petroleum detergents to clean them. Do you know where they can be purchased? 

Brian Torphy (joxojej)

Special means are not always effective, you can try to clean objects from oil and gas contamination by mechanical means, steaming, rinsing with a powerful jet of water. Have you tried it? 

Ottis Pfannerstill (ladexo)

You are wrong, because cleaning with water and mechanical methods does not guarantee perfect cleanliness, and steam treatment is time-consuming. Therefore, in addition to these two cleaning methods, you should use special cleaning agents designed for the oil and gas industry. They provide the best quality and are fast acting. You can purchase these products here

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