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Viego Beeroverlord (viego)

Is there any convenient roadmap for crypto investments?

Javellyn Shifty (javellyn)

Our roadmap is inextricably linked to the real events on the Bitcoin market. When each Bitcoin ETF milestone is reached, Bitcoin ETF Token are burned and the reward for the invested funds increases. From the inception of BTCETFs at the pre-sale stage to the ETF launch and beyond, our roadmap is designed to ensure the success and growth of the BTCETF community.

Grey Fendy (greyfendy)

Is it relevant to invest in Bitcoin now? I heard that this cryptocurrency has become much more stable. Accordingly, you should not expect a big increase in price. Do I understand correctly?

Bill Shiphr (billshiphr105)

I think that both Bitcoin and Ethereum, about which experts say the same thing, are no less important for your investment portfolio, and they are also relevant for purchase. On the contrary, I read other news. The Bitcoin price in Brazilian currency has been surging recently. So I advise you to check Itez, a crypto exchanger that provides the most comfortable and favorable conditions for investment.

Astra Lack (binomoalex)

What steps can be taken to troubleshoot FBS Trading Broker app issues related to device or internet connection?

Danny Link (linkhaliabarda)

The FBS - Trading Broker app might experience certain issues that could be related to your device or internet connection. If you encounter any fbs problems, feel free to describe them in the comment box, and our community members can provide assistance and solutions. Additionally, you can try the following fixes: ensure you have an active and stable internet connection, attempt to restart the app or your device, and check for updates for the app in your device's app store.

Leo Vincey (leovincey40)

I've been looking into investing in TON (Telegram Open Network) and SOL (Solana), and it's an intriguing comparison. TON, with its ambitious decentralized blockchain project once backed by Telegram, promises scalability and speed. On the other hand, SOL has gained attention for its high-speed transactions and growing ecosystem. U can exchange here Both have their merits, but I'm curious to hear others' experiences and opinions on which might be a better investment opportunity in the current market conditions.

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