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Thermal printing has widely replaced inkjet printing in several industries, particularly the retail and hospitality sectors. Rather than relying on ink ribbons, it utilizes thermal energy from the printer's head to create images. While it's a smart and economical choice for printing receipts and labels, you should do your research before purchasing papers. That's because not all thermal papers are the same. 


Thermal paper rolls vary in size and quality. So whether you're looking for thermal paper rolls for your cash register, POS system, credit card terminals, etc., you must choose the right paper for your business. 


At Master Distributors, you can find everything POS under a single roof. From printers and cash drawers from leading brands to point-of-sale accessories and high-quality thermal paper rolls, we have everything you need for your business. 

Our extensive market research and quality testing ensure that you only find the best quality paper with high printability and long life. 


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Thermal paper print media when exposed to heat from a thermal printer's head. It forms an image when the chemical coating on its surface changes color. The complete print is processed as the paper moves through the head. 


Due to its non-reliance on ink and no moving parts, it is a more efficient and economical choice for retailers. When you procure thermal paper rolls from Master Distributors, you get:


·        High-quality Prints


Enjoy high-quality prints on your labels, receipts, and tickets without smears and smudges. 


·        Long-life


Our premium thermal papers can withstand the test of time with a long shelf life and resistance against temperature, moisture, and water and oil spills.


·        Versatility


The versatility of thermal papers is evident from their use across retail and point-of-sale applications. 


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