Allergen-free shampoo for eyelashes.

The other day I had a little mishap with an eyelash shampoo that completely surprised me. I decided to try a new product that so many people wrote about on the internet - eyelash shampoo. The procedure seemed pretty simple: apply a little bit of shampoo on a cotton pad and gently wipe my eyelashes with it.When I started this procedure, I felt an unpleasant burning sensation on my eyes. I was rightly sure that the product had gotten into my eyes and I started rubbing them slowly to wash out the shampoo residue. But to my surprise, instead of rinsing out, the burning only got worse. In the end I couldn't use this shampoo anymore, after I found out that there are a lot of allergens in the shampoo. So friends of the forum suggest a good quality shampoo?

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