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Visiting Ambreen Munir's Shares (account name: minidiamond)
Love is the Way

Love is the Way

It’s not the destination

Love is the Way:

A choice

That let the passengers find each other

It separates them too

This route is open and narrow

These ways are straight and twisted too

ways are at high and at low

For passengers there are leaders, guides and mentors

Everyone plays their role and they walk their way

The route passes through the deserts

Valleys, waterfalls and out of hot springs

To the mountains and into the valleys

And sometimes to blind pits

A passenger just has to walk

Sometimes he stays or changes his way

Wish to come with someone or sometimes wish to walk alone

Sometimes wish to walk into the jungle

Go out into the deserts if aghast

The passenger does all this

Ways go nowhere they stay there

Passengers of the journey of love

Keeps on travelling and

Love stays there

It has the same path and the same destination

Passengers have their own ways

To reach to their destination

Some get their destination

And some lose and some stop in the way

Thinking that this is their destination


Are these ways being their destiny?


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