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Create More Space without Moving Home By Constructing a Basement

London, UK (August 3, 2017) – Capital Basements Limited, experts in basement conversion in London, provides valuable expertise in managing and creating more space in homes through basement construction without moving. The company creates designs that add value and create additional spaces within homes that can be converted into bedrooms, playrooms, cinemas, gyms or bars.

With many years of experience, the Capital Basements Team has made its mark as a renowned specialist in basement design, basement construction, basement extensions and renovations. Its team of design experts makes the most of natural light along with minimum amount of dead circulation space in basement construction to create stunning luxury spaces.

A representative of Capital Basements had this to say, “A common wish of many homeowners is to have a bigger living space at minimum cost. However, moving to a new home may come at a huge cost especially in many parts of London where property values are at a premium and stamp duty is extremely high.” He added that: “Capital Basements assists homeowners to achieve their dreams without the need of moving to a new house through basement extension and conversion.”

To learn more about Capital Basements’ projects, visit the company’s website at www.capitalbasements.co.uk.

About Capital Basements Limited

Capital Basements Limited is a leading company in delivering high quality innovative basements designs and developments in and around London. Every member of the Capital Basements team is highly trained and experienced in his own field, to contribute to the success of every basement project.
Capital Basements was established with the mission to revolutionize and simplify the task of conversion of basements for a wide range of purposes including swimming pools, gyms, offices, cinemas and garages. The company is focused on creating innovative ideas and solutions to utilize space effectively while helping customers to minimize basement costs.

At Capital Basements, our in-house design experts and construction teams on site are highly experienced at creating a new basement and also making the very best use of the confined space within and under your property. They are also highly skilled in their role with years of experience in carrying out any basement project.

Renowned for maintaining top notch customer service and high bespoke design services, Capital Basement team ensures that customers are satisfied with the proposed design of their basement before bringing the project into fruition.

For more details about Capital Basements Projects, please contact:
Email: info@capitalbasements.co.uk
Website: www.capitalbasements.co.uk
Phone no: 020 8099 8450

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