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Grinder wear parts (2)
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Augerteeth Forsales (augerteethforsales)

Quality Analysis: 

Grinder wear parts provide their quality wear parts all over the world. The company has over 60000 square feet enclosed manufacturing space on an over 10 acres combined both branches’ facilities which makes shipment of the parts to the consumer very easy. 

The main wear parts which are of high quality are: 

Tips/Inserts/Teeth: Carbided 


Hammers: Fixed & Swing 

Bolts: Grade 8, “Thick Headed” 

Nuts: Grade 8, Locking, Coarse, & Fine 


Mill Rods 

Conveyor Belts 

Rollers & Pulleys 

Cutter Bars/Anvils 

Wear Plates 

Mill Plates & Shafts 


Shear Pins 

Custom Metal Design, Fabrication, & Carbiding 

Grinder wear parts’ Motive 

Grinder wear parts tries to provide the clients with reasonable price, 
lesser down-time, enhanced performance, production and profits. To accomplish this, they take several steps to ensure the clients are satisfied. 

Manufacture with accuracy and provide best grinder wear parts. Designs a specialized carbiding process that is trademarked DURAMAX®, results to provide exceptionally long-lasting, high-performance tips or inserts. 

2. Grinder wear parts have the most experienced and professional team members who helps consumer every step of the way. They give their best to providing the highest quality customer service so that the experience productive and convincing. 

They have best service for delivery who delivers the goods quickly and efficiently. When order is given, the customer support specialists will give the consumer accurate manufacturing and delivery times based on the current production demands. 

The Tub & Horizontal grinder wear parts are manufactured with high-quality performance as it is its speciality. The better quality of product ensures the business is achieving the best possible parts by lowering costs but increasing profits.

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