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Nightmare on 13th Marks its twenty eighth year in haunted attractions

October ‎11, ‎2017: One of the largest and longest standing haunted attractions, The Nightmare on 13th is marking its twenty-eighth birthday today, the haunted attraction, which opened its door in 1990, has grown to be one of the most haunted destinations in United States. It’s currently rated as one of the top haunted attractions in the nation. Set to open for the season this year, the top Utah haunted house is promising its visitors of even bigger attractions and an experience which the Haunted house spokesperson says will be unforgettable.


Its recognition has been huge; it has, over the years, won several awards and accolades, ranking as the most visited haunted attraction in the country, with more than sixty thousand people visiting the house every season. The Haunted House management says they are expecting the number to continue rising following the new features that they are adding every season. He promised even biggest things in subsequent seasons. The Salt Lake Haunted house has been featured several times in the top travel and holiday magazines. It has been on the Travel Channel, Buzzfeed.com, USA Today, Hauntworld, and Haunted Attraction Magazine as well as other magazines. It has been voted on several occasions as the scariest attraction in America, a title that the haunted house management team wants to keep for a long period of time.


According to the Haunted House management, this seasons signals a long and memorable indulgence where visitors will be treated to a time honored tradition that has each year attracted thousands of Halloween activities enthusiasts with nightmares that excite and scare the visitors out. The management says that as they mark their twenty-eighth birthday, visitors can expect terrifying experiences.


For the last twenty-eight years the top haunted house in United States has been providing visitors with intense, gory, and thrilling experiences. The events have attracted attention from all corners of the nation, promoting inquiries throughout the year and climaxing during the Halloween season. This season, the management of the Utah haunted house promises quality special effects, unique themes, amazing actors and extremely detailed sets that will keep the visitors on edge.” Come ready to be scared, we will give you the experience of the life time, we are getting better every year and you can expect more than you got last year, we invite you to grace the 2017 season, it’s more than what you have ever seen or expected,” said the haunted house representative while giving a taste of what the visitors should expect as Nightmare on 13th marks its twenty-eighth birthday.


The Nightmare on 13th is constantly changing, according to the Haunted House representative, they work year-round to create highly realistic sets and special effects that guests can expect to provide a memorable experience. The haunted house management says that the twenty-eighth event will live up to the guest’s experiences, taking them to darker side of Halloween. One of the exceptional things about the event is the new and improved Nightmare Courtyard, the haunted house representative say that this will be the first stop and once inside visitors will encounter the legendary story of Sleepy Hollow and then tread carefully as one may lose his head as he approaches the inner side. The season will also feature the Dark Harvest; the management says they have included this part due to public demand. Other attractions include Sewers echoing with laughter and smell of cotton candy. “With these and more attractions, our twenty eighth season will be an experience like no other,” says the Haunted Attraction representative.


For more details, Visit here https://www.nightmareon13th.com/

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