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LouisI V (louisiv)

Story Background

The beginning of creation

In a farther time than the legend, when the framework of all things was just completed, the three lives selected by God were given a part of God's power, and as the spokesperson of God became the supervisor.If you loved this article so you would like to acquire more info with regards to MapleStory M Mesos  please visit the web page.  The three supervisors created their own world based on their own views on the progress of life, one called “Maple”, the world of Maplestory M we know well; one called “Grandis”. Another one has not been discovered so far, and the three worlds began their own journey in their respective directions.


The species of the three worlds are created and constantly refined by their supervisors. As the world matures, the supervisors believe that there is no need to directly influence the world's progress. In order to ensure the correct direction of the world and to observe it, the supervisors are equipped with three transcendents to their respective worlds. To make it its own agent, in order to manage their respective fields in the eyes of mortals in the eyes of "God": time, life, light. Transcendents are given the mission of managing the world, but when the transcendence falls behind for some reason, it will turn into a destroyer, and its corresponding field will gradually collapse after becoming a destroyer. At the same time, for unknown reasons, the supervisor left the possibility of the birth of the fourth surpass in the world, after which the three supervisors disappeared into the history before the legend.


The transcender itself has also been passed down from generation to generation. By the time the game begins, in the Maple world, the time transcender is Lenna, the life transcender is Alisa, the light surpass is the white magician; in the Grandis world, the light The transcender is Iona, the time transcender is Klonika, and the life transcender is Dalmol.

Quoting the words of the Noba Grand priests, “The transcender is a ‘half god’, and some transcendents are immortal, and some transcendents are born to be destroyed.”In case you liked this information along with you would want to get details with regards to cheap MapleStory M Mesos  i implore you to pay a visit to our own web-page. 

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