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How To Resolve Microsoft Outlook Error Code 150?

There are lots and lots of people all around the globe who are using Outlook. The people whom all are using it mainly is for the email transfer process. The Outlook service was developed for the users who use to send and share their important documents, photos, videos to their loved ones or their colleagues. The PST section of Outlook allows you to save many types of files. You can also add a different account of yours into Outlook. Hotmail users can also add their account to Outlook. No doubt Outlook is becoming very important and there are numerous things that you can do with it but also sometimes while at the time of sending and receiving emails you face Outlook error code 150.
If you are currently facing this error code then you don't have to get panicked you just have to follow the steps that we will share on this post or else for instant help and support call on the Outlook Support number. This error code suddenly pops up on your screen out of nowhere. This error persists you to not send and receive any email.


Some Reasons Why This Outlook Error Code 150 Occurs:-

  • If you have installed corrupted Outlook related program.
  • Restoration of corrupted PST files on your Outlook Account.
  • Your Outlook got affected by some virus or malware.
  • There is no internet connection found on your system.
  • Your Outlook account storage got full.
  • Unstallation of some software incorrectly.


These are some causes of Outlook Error Code 150. This code can also be caused by some other technical things and for that, you are going to need some expert to advise. And to get your problem resolved you can call onto the Outlook Customer Support Phone Number.

Steps To Resolve Outlook Error Code 150:-

  • Check if your internet is working fine or not. If it's not working then give a cal on the Outlook Technical Support Number.
  • Next, you have to go to your account settings by the sign in to your account.
  • Next, you have to delete your account by clicking on the Comcast settings.
  • Now create a new Outlook account. You can do it by clicking on the plus sign button.
  • Go to the settings and select the account which you want to add.
  • Delete all the stored email by going to the mailbox.
  • Also, delete all the temporary files from your Outlook account.
  • In the end, just restart your account and check if the issue is resolved.

These are some steps that you can perform to resolve the Outlook error code 150. If these steps become unhelpful to you then you can contact the Outlook Support Number For help.

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