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Emotional Support Animal

Give Your Emotional Support Animal a Day Off

Emotional support animals are assistance animals assigned to people suffering from various emotional and mental disorders. They provide their owner with a sense of love, comfort, and companionship.


I suffered from post-traumatic-stress-disorder and my therapist recommended that I keep an ESA. I chose to get a golden retriever pup as my emotional support dog.


Most people often have confusion about ESA. If you need information on them, read the facts I have mentioned below:


A Legal document referred to as an ESA Letter is necessary to qualify for an emotional support animal. This letter can be obtained from a licensed mental health professional.


You can’t just decide to get an ESA. Instead, you need to be examined by a psychiatrist who will then recommend whether or not you qualify for an ESA.


This was made necessary, so animal lovers don’t exploit the rights that come with an ESA.


You must carry your letter with you when your ESA is accompanying you to avoid any trouble. I got mine online from realesaletter.com; they made the entire process easy and hassle-free.

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