How to design and print a booklet?

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May 16, 2021  ( 1 post )  
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Booklet promotion has now become a means for a company to show its soft power. Many companies have invested a lot of energy in the design and printing of their own booklets. Enterprises hope to show their corporate culture and spirit through booklets, so most large enterprises have invested a lot of manpower and material resources, of course, hoping that the quality of booklet design and printing can be guaranteed. Customized booklet printing is a good way to spread information, showcase products and cause a sensation in the enterprise. 




How can we design and print a good booklet? Here is a brief introduction to the following booklet design and printing process.


The first step is to communicate the design concept and style. To design a good booklet, you must understand what the booklet needs to show. That is the company’s culture, products, and so on. What a corporate design booklet wants to show is what the booklet needs to express. Therefore, in the design, we should carefully understand and communicate with the customer, and understand the effect that the customer wants to pursue. The style of design in booklet design and printing should not be escaped. It must be consistent with the enterprise. Unlike ordinary magazines, the layout of corporate booklets is clean and clear, and the coordination of graphics and text highlights the product focus. In the layout of the pictures, it is good to adopt the pictures taken by the enterprise itself. Whether the product can stand out or whether the enterprise spirit can be manifested depends on the quality of the design. Another way to capture customer attention is to incorporate personalization in your booklets. You can print small details such as the customer’s name or location image based on the customer’s previous buying habits, which will have a significant impact.


The second step is to process and add the final proofing content. There are many requirements for booklet design and printing. After the first draft is completed, a proofing is required. Because of computer resolution and other issues, the color matching in the design draft is likely to be different from the finished product. If you print a lot of it directly, it will cause poor results and waste. After proofing and printing, communicate with the customer again, clarify the areas that need to be corrected, and make the final draft.


The third step is to proofread and output the printed product. The latter part of booklet design and printing is the finished product. The experienced printing department will make samples first. Only in this way can we see the problems in the booklet design, such as color difference, uncoordinated graphics and text, and text errors. After proofing, the adjustments will actually be printed out. Such printed products can be bound into a book and provided to enterprises for use.




The process of booklet design and printing seems very simple. Each of the three steps of understanding and communicating the design concept, designing the composition booklet and printing the finished product after proofing is very important. Communication can determine the needs of customers, design can guarantee the content of the booklet, and printing can control the quality of the booklet. The quality of a booklet depends on these three factors. To complete a satisfactory booklet design and printing, there are many details that need to be linked together. Now Need help with your booklet print? Here we have rich experience for booklet printing china. Contact us freely to realize your wish immediately.

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