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The Ultimate Guide to Argumentative Essay Writing - 2021 Guide


Do you have this goal of writing masterpiece argumentative essays? Have you ever read a perfect argumentative essay somewhere? We understand the student life of many built upon perfection. We try to make our assignments, essays, and papers all perfect. Students do so as they have goals. Goals of getting appreciation from professors and peers aim to get high grades and exemplary status in the surrounding. 

We do reach this point many times, and other times we are left behind. But don’t worry, by following our guides, you will never leave behind in producing an excellent essay backed up with solid arguments. 


How to start writing?

    • How to take the first step and which step? What would be the direction? We have to find answers to multiple questions when we are in the middle of nowhere with words and time limitations. We have no plan, topic, writing tips, firm structure, research questions, and material for backing up. 
  • Fear not; coming questions in mind is a good sign. So come us on a journey to find answers one by one. 
  • First step is a topic selection:
  • The first and foremost step is to dig deep into your knowledge and research studies goal for argumentative essay topics. In case you are not provided with a topic by your professor, then no worries. You have read countless things in your academic career. At some point, there must be an idea that clicked you. There is a high probability too of coming across some contradictory case or study. 
  • Now you have a golden chance to use your prior knowledge and search more in terms of writing on a well-researched topic.


The second step is to write a thesis statement:

  • Once you are done with the topic selection, this step comes.
  • We expect that you have saved all the relevant samples and data during the topic planning. 
  • At this point, the main statement of your essay will reflect upon the grip and command you have on your essay.
  • Don’t forget it is not a simple personal essay but an arguments-based essay. So, firstly present your claim, clear your attitude towards the claim, like what is your stance on it? Then, give solid logical reasons. Finally, win the readers with mind-blowing realistic statements.


The third step is to organize a well-fledged argumentative essay outline:

  • To move towards outline making, we needed the steps as mentioned earlier to be done. So, we can build an appropriate roadmap for the whole essay. 
  • The first two steps are the starting parts of the outline. Write the first draft of your essay with an introduction and topic sentence. Your introduction must fulfill all requirements of the essay, i.e., the importance of the issue, root cause behind issues, analysis of effect, ways to sort out the issues, etc. Next, organize your findings for body paragraphs and the conclusion. 
  • Basically, an outline gives direction to your essay. 


The fourth part is to dig deep into details in body parts:

  • It is a triangle thing for an essay writer. First, you have to write your unique factual aim—then provision of strong proofs and factual data. Afterward moving back to the thesis statement for connectivity and justifying the meaning of your essay. 


End with the conclusion points:

  • To reach this point, you must be well aware of the counterquestion or anticipate the arguments of readers. So, you can also satisfy the maximum of critical questions for perfect essay writing
  • You have to show a bigger picture to your readers with convincing ideas and recommendations.
  • Prove the hypothesis you have built in this essay. You can also create a chain of illustrative events to show readers the outcome of adopting what you suggest. There should be no offensive points of view throughout the essay. Moreover, to avoid indulging in controversial statements, come with prior research of how to write my essay with zero chances of controversy. 



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