PandemicNails that makes self-care easy and enjoyable

Igloo Spa is providing a simple and affordable product, the Volume Gel Nail strips that allow easy self-care. While making the announcement, Igloo Spa associates said that with the launch of their start-up, they are making self-care easy and enjoyable.


A firm believer of self-care, Igloo Spa acknowledged that self-care is not a luxury but a necessity. With what they described as the #PandemicNails, where it is not easy to make a trip to the salon, self-care is a necessary practice and part of daily responsibility.


Igloo Spa Volume Gel Nails were created with Multi-layered Gel Technology, which means that there are multiple layers of natural liquid gel to give its voluminous glossy effect. The special C-Curved design fits the natural curve of the nails and allows for longer adhesion for a wrinkle-free and non-lifting application.


According to the Igloo Spa representative, their nail strips have taken nature into consideration as they are cruelty-free, Leaping Bunny certified, with each package coming in 30 strips. They can be applied two times per package with no LED lamp required. They added that their products are also long-lasting and customers can have it for up to 14 days.


An Igloo Spa associate revealed that she is obsessed with nail art. As a person who also struggles with pretty weak nails, she personally loves the idea of gel nail strips and DIY Nails, especially with the cute and unique designs of the Volume Gel Nails.


One self-care enthusiast who has used the Igloo Spa Volume Gel Nails said in her review, "It was my first-time using gel nail strips, and I liked how it's super affordable and convenient for last-minute preps! I used this for a recent trip, and my nails looked on point the whole time. Overall, it was a fun experience using this!"


In another review, a customer described the volume gel nails as perfect for those who want a manicure but don't want to pay salon prices and don't want to go through the hassle of using glue and waiting to dry. She added that all one has to do is stick these nails on and file them down to size. "They're so easy to work with and look so pretty!" concluded the customer.


Similar sentiments have been echoed by a user who has bought the product. She observed that the nail strips are very easy to apply and remove at home. "It has different sizes for each nail and adheres perfectly to my natural nails. The texture is so unique. Unlike other stickers, these Volume Gel Nail strips feel thicker and more elastic," said the reviewer. She also expressed that she felt like she just did a fresh gel manicure but without the UV light.


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About Igloo Spa


Igloo Spa is a women-owned cruelty-free brand that embraces the beauty of our natural nails. Established in 2021, the brand was created for the everyday people who stand behind the philosophy of 'Real People, Real Nails.' As a brand, Igloo Spa's mission is to promote the importance of self-care and hope to kickstart that journey with something as simple and approachable as gel nail strips. The founder believes that self-care correlates to the grand scheme of taking care of one's wellness inside and out.


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