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Jerel Weber (jerel)

Most people who are trying to keep up with the times sometimes allow themselves to have fun while playing an online slot. In the modern world, there are few Internet users who have never played slot machines for free (demo mode) or for money. However, inexperienced gamblers often ask themselves: “Where is the best place to play? In a land-based institution or on an online platform?

Anhor Vizent (anhor)

There are practically no land-based casinos now. Since it is much cheaper to maintain an online casino than a real one. Therefore, land-based casinos can still be in high-class hotels. Well, they are intended for the rich and wealthy gentlemen with large capitals.

Blek Morten (blek22)

Can inexperienced players play in a land-based casino? After all, there is not even a free demo game on slot machines to practice playing on them. It is already correctly written here that mainly rich people play in land-based casinos. And for everyone else, an online casino in Canada  is just right for you, where you can have a good time and, if you're lucky, get a big win.

Anhor Vizent (anhor)

Of course, online casinos are very popular today and more and more players are starting to play in it. Many of them dream of a big win, but such an opportunity is very rare. If there are winnings, they are mostly meager and often do not replenish the player's spent funds.

Blek Morten (blek22)

Well, every casino player should know about this and I am shocked by the comments where the player is looking for an honest casino in which he should not lose a penny. This doesn't happen. You exist for the prosperity of the casino and not the casino for you.

Agnes Ortiz (lorq210)

A casino is like a lottery, someone is lucky and someone loses everything and there are no schemes for cheating machines. I played in different online casinos, but the last one I chose the Canadian one, I have experience and I see that here they let players win much more than in other casinos. The main thing in the casino is to stop in time, and if you don’t know how to stop, you will always be in the red, such people have become addicted to this excitement, I feel sorry for them...

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