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Jerel Weber (jerel)

The other day I started developing a website for my physical store. Simply put, I created an online store that I plan to promote online in the near future. In my opinion, the best advertising that brings the most targeted traffic is Influencer Marketing. That's why I'm looking for a platform where I can advertise through influencer agents. 

Sayman_ 90 (sayman_)

This is also a very effective advertisement, I agree. You can find a media personality that is close to your theme of your store's products and advertise your store through their audience. You can turn to bloggers.

EdvardD EdvardD (edvardd)

Such influential people, such as bloggers or administrators of promoted groups on social networks, have a huge audience of subscribers. Surely someone from this audience will be interested in your advertising.

Blek Morten (blek22)

Before you start searching for influencer Insights you need to collect as much information as possible about your target audience. Find out gender age preference marital status. Find out in which social network they are registered and what they are interested in. Make detailed portraits of buyers if you didn’t have them before. Now that you know who your potential buyers are, start looking for influencers. To do this, use social networks. The main thing is that the chosen platform is suitable for the target audience.

Mauricio Jack (mauriciojack)

I think the same as you, for me the best marketing will always be the one that influencers can give you, they will advertise your product on their platforms to their hundreds and hundreds of followers, so you will have traffic on your website and guaranteed sales

Luck Skiworker (luckskiworker)

Promotion is always essential for any website to grow, in this way you will make your traffic and your audience grow a lot and you will add many users, in addition to the entries that you create on your website will be positioned in the first search results of Google thanks to good SEO service

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