10 Crazy New App Development Ideas for 2022

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Ambika Gupta (ambika1221)

Because of smartphones, our lives are more connected than ever before, and apps are one of the driving forces behind this constant connection. The app market has exploded in recent years (thanks to mobile and codeigniter development company india, with hundreds of thousands of new ideas being submitted to the app stores every year, but only the best ones succeed in getting downloaded by users. What types of new apps will see the light of day over the next decade? Here are 10 crazy new app development ideas that might be trending in 2022.


1) VR App Development

VR technology is poised to make its mark in nearly every aspect of our lives and in web or python web development company as well. In fact, a recent survey conducted by Intel revealed that 74% of people see a paradigm shift coming from VR—so it’s likely we’ll see an explosion of apps for business and education, as well as general entertainment. But there are ways to make your virtual reality app development unique. A lot of designers today are turning to haptic technology, or touch feedback systems, that can trick your brain into thinking you're actually touching something within a virtual environment—and these technologies could be used in any number of apps from art programs to games.


2) VR Gaming

Imagine playing your favorite game, but you are sitting inside of it, surrounded by animated characters. You grab a sword off your hip and swing at an Orc rushing you—only to feel resistance in your hand when you try to slice him with your blade. You’re not in danger; instead, you’re playing in virtual reality. Virtual reality is already here thanks to platforms like Samsung Gear VR and Oculus Rift. But it has yet to become truly mainstream due to high costs and graphics that don’t always live up to what’s promised. This issue should be fixed soon thanks to increasingly powerful technology that will not only bring prices down but also deliver better immersion than ever before. These technologies are also being used by many php development company india across the globe.


3) VR Movies

Movies are an incredible way to relax, but they’re also a hassle. It’s hard to get friends together in one place, driving can be a nightmare during rush hour, and you have to fight crowds when you get there. The Oculus Rift will change all that. At home or at work, you can slip on your headset and find yourself instantly transported to wherever your movie takes place—and it will take place all around you. Every big blockbuster will have a VR edition—literally giving fans their wildest fantasies right in front of them! What started out as little more than YouTube videos showing off never-realized home movies has become something much bigger—thanks to Oculus Rift and its competitors.


4) Augmented Reality Apps

Augmented reality (AR) apps are becoming more and more popular, especially when it comes to sports. From fantasy football to playing virtual golf with your friends, AR is expanding our ability to game out in real time—and even better, there’s no difference between what’s real and what isn’t. To build an augmented reality app that really takes off, focus on using AR to enhance every-day tasks that aren’t gaming related. For example, imagine an app where you could point your phone at a park bench and find out if there was someone sitting there before deciding if you want to sit down or keep walking.


5) Location Based Marketing

Consumers are already glued to their mobile devices, so why not take advantage of that fact by creating location-based apps? Location-based marketing is slowly but surely becoming a go-to marketing strategy for large corporations. For example, Microsoft has launched an app called Windows Azure Active Directory which allows you to log in to all your favorite web services like Facebook and Twitter using only your phone number. And that’s just one app! Developers from reputed website designing company in india around the world are coming up with new apps every day; if you want to stay on top of your game, find out what they’re working on and try it out for yourself. Before long, you could be developing cutting-edge tools capable of revolutionizing entire industries!


6) Advanced Analytics & Data Visualization Tools

Wearable sensors are not new, but they’re getting much smaller and more affordable. By 2022, technology will allow companies to continuously monitor their workforce’s biometrics (weight, blood pressure, heart rate, etc.) in real time. The data will be visualized on an employee’s smart glasses so he or she can see what’s happening to his or her body at any given moment and take action immediately if necessary. The potential benefits of monitoring biometrics include reduced healthcare costs and an increase in overall productivity. For example, workers who are monitored may be able to reduce their risks of developing diabetes by simply paying attention to how many calories they eat during lunchtime each day. This is also used in web designing company in india.


7) Automated and Robotic Processes

Today’s workers and managers already rely on virtual assistants and other types of automation to increase efficiency and provide services. The future workplace will be no different—but we’ll see even more examples of technology making our jobs easier. Robots and artificial intelligence (AI) will help complete tasks that are dangerous or difficult for humans, as well as those that would take a long time to complete. In other words, they won’t just fill in when an employee is busy—they’ll also take over some aspects of basic processes, such as data entry. Researchers at MIT have even designed a system called Robot Scientist that can develop new pharmaceuticals based on a user-supplied drug template.


8) Chatbots For Customer Service

I’m sure you can guess what our first weird app development idea is—we’re talking about chatbots. Chatbots aren’t new, of course, but they are becoming more widely used. Instead of calling customer service to answer your questions or complaints, you could soon be chatting with a bot instead. Many companies are already using them, including Shopify and Zendesk. Chatbots can do everything from help you find information on a website to take orders over Facebook Messenger. Will people prefer spending time chatting with robots? Only time will tell!


9) AR Games

Just a few years ago, augmented reality was a niche form of gaming. Now it’s become mainstream and there are a lot of brands offering their own AR games. That popularity is likely to continue into 2022, with many more big-name brands getting in on the action. As consumers continue to embrace digital entertainment options, most businesses will move away from traditional advertising methods toward ones that blend AR elements into their designs. In fact, some marketers predict that by 2024, more than half of all consumer purchases will be made through AR games instead of real-world stores and websites! We’ll see shopping apps with virtual showrooms replacing physical storefronts as a primary means of selling products online.


10) AR/VR Tourism Platforms

VR is slated to be a big business in entertainment, but augmented reality (AR) offers lots of interesting possibilities too. Many web design services india across the globe are also using this technique. You can build VR/AR tourism platforms where people can buy tickets to virtual experience walking around different places. Think, for example, of one day being able to see Buckingham Palace in London while sitting at home on your couch—without having to get on a plane or pay big bucks for a ticket. Other companies are experimenting with ways to bring sporting events into homes through AR—the technology allows people who don’t have tickets or seats at sold-out games and concerts to feel like they’re there by using their phone's camera and speakers.


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