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Lanahowl Lanahowl (lanahowl91)

Hello! Do you have any favorite taxis?

Lanahowl Lanahowl (lanahowl91)

Hi, to be honest, I prefer Actis Taxi. It's always excellent service and very friendly drivers. There are also several cars to your taste and you can pick up a sufficient number of passengers. You can also order a taxi to the airport directly at https://aktis.taxi/Greece/Thessaloniki+Airport+Makedonia+SKG-%3ENeos+Marmaras. I love traveling around Greece. And it is Aktis who absolutely always helps me in this. This is one of the best companies in this field.

Ginny Boyd (ginnyboyd122334)

I like to use the services of Uber or Lyft or Vinfast. They are good. I used Vin taxis for the whole rooftop snipers trip.

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