Advise on database processing automation services

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Sayman_ 90 (sayman_)

We need to make a backup of the data and also use the service to increase the security of this data. It wouldn't hurt to move this data to a more reliable server. Who is engaged in such services. We have huge reporting in a company where all this data is very important.

Abadon Gamov (abadongamov)

Yes, I am sure that there are people who will be able to do this work for you and everything will be done perfectly. You should first look for various options for the executors of this order yourself, and then hold small negotiations, during which you will already dictate your terms

Ally Rozen (rozenfeldalina1)

I advise you to back up your database regularly. This way you can view previous versions of it or restore the results of your work in case of a system crash.

If you need to back up a shared database, first make sure that all other users have closed all instances of it.

You can find specialists on the internet, there are many people out there who provide such services.

Frederick Bay (nirvana09)

You can contact specialized IT companies or data storage service providers to back up your data, improve security and move it to a more reliable server. Some of them offer a full range of data storage and security services. One of such companies oracle service reliable specialists . Again, all data is stored and there is no leakage of information.

Luck Skiworker (luckskiworker)

I think I'm a little late, but in the same comments they have left you a company that offers these services, you should try to hire that company, I have also reviewed their website and it has excellent reviews from their clients

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