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5 Steps for your perfect nails with coupon code

Many women love decorating new face for their nails because it helps them be more confident as well as be more stylish. They can smile all day and be themselves with style that they like. Now you will don’t need to waste of time with nice products from Showmethecoupon. Having perfect nails with 5 steps and use lowes 10 off entire purchase to get products at price as you wish.

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Step 1:

Removing old nail polish with nail polish remover. With highly effective 3-in-1 nail polish remover, your nail will be protected and was gently. Next, it is very important to cut and shape your hand as you prefer. It depends on your shape hands of long or short. Remember to shape your hands in one direction.


Step 2:

Then you need to wash your hand in warm water to keep your hand more soft and remove dusty from your nails.

Step 3:

Prepare nail polish while waiting for your hand be dry. Starting to protect your hand with new coat with start to finish base coat. This coat is to help your nail stronger with long-lasting base and top coats.

Step 4:

Painting your nails with your favorite color. You should paint from the middle of the nail to other side of your nail. You only paint one time for each side to keep your nail polish smooth. And then take some minutes for the polish to dry.


Step 5:

Decorating your nail with art design or draw art on your nail with image that you like. If you cannot draw, nail stickers are good ideas for you. They inspire you with new theme of design that meet your hobbies and style. You can get a wonderful manicure at ulta store. You also don’t need to worry about wash your nails because they can be cleaned with nail polish remover and easy to peel.


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