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Be a Stylish Girl: Easy or Challenged?

Being stylish doesn’t necessarily mean following all the latest fashion trends. In fact, most stylish people do the opposite: they wear classic, timeless pieces and do things to spice them up — for instance, adding accessories or rolling up the sleeves of a tailored shirt. Being stylish isn’t so much about what you wear as how you wear it. Confidence is key!



  • Discover your fashion icons.


A great way to develop your own personal style is to explore the style of others. This will help you figure out your tastes — what you love, what you dislike, and what you’d like to try.

  • Fashion bloggers, celebrities, and designers are great people to look to when exploring fashion. Follow them on Instagram and Pinterest to keep track of their looks and interests.
  • Create a fashion scrapbook. This can be online via sites like Pinterest or Clothia, or using a physical scrapbook, into which you could paste print-outs and magazine cut-outs.
  • You might organize your pages according to season (winter, spring), piece (jackets, dresses), or purpose (work, formal, casual).
  • Consider who you are. As you explore fashion, consider whether a theme emerges when you look at your favorite items. Are you often choosing punky looking outfits? Maybe you’re more into a retro style like ‘70s rockstar or ‘50s pin-up, or maybe you’re more of a minimalist.
  • Think about what the things you like say about you, and about how you can express who you are through the things you wear.
  • If you’re an outgoing actor who loves to dress up, you might wear bright colors and chunky accessories, for example.
  • Pay attention to how people wear things. Ever seen those “who wore it better” photos? People rarely wear the same clothes in the same way. In addition, they’ll often pair their clothes with different hairstyles and accessories.
  • One person might wear a loose-fitting blouse untucked over skinny jeans with a pair of thigh-high boots, while another person might wear the same blouse tucked into the same skinny jeans, with their sleeves rolled up and a pair of chunky ankle boots.



  • Part 2: Building a Stylish Wardrobe



Style experts build their closets around a few key pieces — all in neutral colors — that can be combined to make the majority of their outfits. Nearly all of them list the same basic pieces.

  • Slim-legged black slacks
  • Dark blue skinny jeans
  • Pencil skirt in a neutral color (black is the most popular)
  • Little black dress in whatever shape best fits your body type
  • A white, long-sleeved button-down dress shirt

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