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The most appropriate shoes during the pregnancy





The modern shoes at extremely high heels, of course, are beautiful and feminine, but during the pregnancy you will have to give up on them. The too high currents of the shoes load to much the muscles and the pelvis of the pregnant women. As a result may be obtained disturbed blood flow and thus the uncomfortable shoe to affect negatively the performance of the brain. During the pregnancy the best exercise is the walking and therefore you will need comfortable shoes.

Yet, amongst the large selection of shoes with low heels, you cannot help but find such to match the clothes in your wardrobe. Even for an elegant evening dress or business suit, you can find the perfect comfortable shoes without heels or those with at least a stable outsole.

The pregnant woman needs to move more – going for walks, doing exercises, walking around the shops to find the necessary things for the baby. For that it is necessary the lady to feel comfortable not only in the clothes, but also in the shoes. During this period, it is best to choose light and soft footwear made of natural materials, because in pregnancy your weight increases and adds an additional load on your feet, they expand and begin to swell.

However, you may not completely abandon your favorite high heels. Most appropriate in this period are the large stable currents with a height of 3 cm. Their shape may be square or round – the important thing is to choose shoes that are comfortable and stable.

Unfortunately, during the summer you will have to forget and for the sandals – their straps will dig into your skin and cause pain. A good choice in this case are the slippers of the type ballerinas as they are light and comfortable.

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