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How to design a teen's closet




The constant battle with your teenager to straighten up his or her room should give you pause to think: Perhaps he or she is just as much in the dark about organizing as you. Teenagers accumulate more and more items with each birthday and Christmas. Where is everything supposed to go? If you really want to see your teen's room net and tidy, you must provide the guiding hand. Your responsibility is to implement simple and easy routines and methods that your teenager can then follow without a lot of fuss and bother. The harder the routines and methods are, the less likely your teenager is to comply with your wishes.

You should follow when it comes to organizing a teen's closet, including separate rules for boys and girls. Let's get started with an attempt to see the problem from a teenager's perspective.

Put Yourself in Their Shoes

As you design your teen's closet space, be sure to contemplate the actual physical maneuvers and activities of the day-to-day workings of the system. Before making any final decisions, mentally place yourself in front of the closet: Imagine the paces, motions, and rituals a particular design will require. If the new system is harder to use than the present "system" of stashing and dropping, it isn't the solution you're looking for. Any desire to reach a higher level of organization requires establishing realistic goals. The most you should ask of yourself or your family is a willingness to compromise to achieve your goals, but don't make the organizational system impossible to use.

The use of additional shelves and baskets is good for storing many accessories. Now all those items are lifted off the floor, creating a neater look. The hanging space lost to the shelves and baskets is made up by installing two shorter rods and an extra shelf. The basket holding the socks is fine because its depth matches the depth of the socks it is holding -- meeting one of the principles of effective organizing. The sports equipment basket on the very bottom is a perfect example of conformity: The bulk of the helmet and basketball is suitably proportioned to the size and shape of the wire basket.

Yet, even this excellent design can be improved upon. For example, perhaps the depths of some of the wire baskets could be less. The stacks of clothing inside the larger baskets may grow into unmanageable heights that will be difficult to keep neat.


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