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Tips for wedding preparation

The increasing use of advanced equipment and applications (such as orbital welding for high-purity systems) requires better weld preparation. A thorough understanding of equipment, tool bits, and materials—including advanced alloys—helps to achieve better end prep.


Advances in equipment automation and the development of new and exotic tubing materials have affected welding techniques and weld preparation. The levels of cleanness required in many industries—medical, electronic, aerospace, chemical, pharmaceutical, agricultural, and semiconductor—have driven high-purity welding requirements, which in turn drive higher standards in weld preparation.

As welded tubular products have become more complex, manufacturers have turned to using more stainless as well as exotic metals, such as titanium and various alloys. Cold cutting with tool bits is one technique used to cut these materials in preparation for welding, and the tubing materials and surface treatments change the characteristics of this cutting process.

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