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Health and fitness leading expert recommends Fitness Tracker ring Motiv for tracking activities

October ‎23, ‎2017: People who are sensitive about their health and would like to track various components of their fitness now have a device that can give them a comprehensive outlook. The Fitness Tracker ring by Motiv is a device that allows the user to track a series of activities enabling them to monitor their fitness program and general health. The device allows the user to track their activities both day and night, according to health and fitness expert Deidre Hartfield, the device is not just useful while at the gym but allows the user to see how their body is performing when they are active as well as when asleep. Fitness Tracker ring Motiv measures the following; the active minutes, active heart rate, calories burned, distance covered, the types of activities, sleep duration, resting heart rate and steps. With the information provided by the device, the user can plan and monitor the progress of their fitness activities.

According to Deidre, the device allows users to meet their overall health and fitness goals, enabling them to understand their body, without having to sacrifice style and comfort.

The device which is durable and waterproof can be used in different environments, whether in the water or engaging in activities such as cleaning or outdoors tasks which involve harsh conditions.

Fitness Tracker ring Motiv comes with the following features: an optical heart rate sensor, it’s constructed from ultra-light titanium, and is water proof up to 5ATM or 165 feet, it’s a small and light device with dimensions of 8 by 2.5mm, a Bluetooth to allow smart syncing of data with other devices, and a strong and durable battery which can be used for approximately three days without charging. The device is available in seven Motiv ring sizes and comes in slate gray and Rose gold colours, giving the users a variety to choose from.

Deidre says that having this device brings a number of benefits to the user, they will be in a position to monitor their progress and also get a comprehensive overview of their health. Deidre added that anyone who would like to see results as far as health and fitness are concerned should have this device. The data provided here, according to the fitness expert and industry leader, is important in gauging how one’sprogram should be advanced. Deidre added that young females, especially those aged between 18 and 40 years, will find the data provided by the device essential in planning and meeting their health goals. Her advice to this segment of the population is to utilize the data to plan their fitness, adding that it is the only measure that can tell them whether they are making progress and also point out when some action is needed in order to achieve the desired fitness and health targets.
About Deidre Hartfield

Deidre Hartfield is a Health and Fitness expert in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

More information about the device can be obtained at https://mymotiv.com/motiv-ring/

Media Contact:
Deidre Hartfield - thedee.org

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