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www.prp-therapy.com - A resource for patients seeking regenerative treatment options

November ‎24, ‎2017: Patients seeking a cure for sports related injuries, arthritis, or who are seeking a skin rejuvenation treatment with natural results can now rely on www.prp-therapy.com. The website informs in a scientific, yet patient-friendly manner about the various treatment options of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy. Featured on national media as the “future of  medicine”, PRP Therapy has seen significant patient demand.
PRP Therapy involves drawing a small sample of the patients own blood and processing it by means of centrifugation down to a concentrate of platelets in a small sample of plasma. Studies have demonstrated that re-injecting the concentrated platelets harnesses the natural healing process. Using only only a concentrate of the patients own blood, the procedure is considered as very safe.

Every clinical application is explained in detail, citing various clinical studies and answering frequently asked questions such as cost, social downtime or risks involved.

A key feature of PRP-Therapy.com is the physician locator. Registered providers can be located through a search feature all across the United States and even beyond.

For more information about PRP therapy and to connect with local providers visit: http://www.prp-therapy.com/

Media contact:
Email: info@prp-therapy.com
Dover, DE

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