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Best In-ceiling speakers - Listen to Music From Above

For a true audiophile, the most important aspect of any home entertainment system is the speakers. And not just any speakers will do. For a lover of music having being surrounded by rich, vibrant sound is the closest thing to heaven this side of existence. Typically that was possible, but it came at a price room space. Even the most modest of external speakers take up some space in a room. One way around this is to use best In-ceiling speaker, which are inset into the ceiling of a room. These have several advantages. First and foremost, they don't require as much space. This can be a boon to those who are blessed with a large taste for sound but a tiny budget in space. In-ceiling speaker also hide the cords, which can be a constant tripping hazard.


While In-ceiling speaker are traditionally round as opposed to square speakers that are implanted in walls, there is no restriction of the speaker shape based upon where it is set. There are some considerations that should be made, however. First is the frequency response. This is measured in Hertz and shows what range of human hearing the speaker can reproduce. The lower the first number the greater the range. Also power handling and sensitivity should be considered.


Placement of speakers can vary depending upon the number of speakers and the height of the ceiling, and there are several excellent articles available online showing how to set them up properly. Generally you want to set the In-ceiling speaker so that the listener is in the center of the sound, preferably in an arc around the back of your head. Those in the front should be placed at equidistant locations to maximize the effect of the sound.


While In-ceiling speaker have improved in the past few years, they generally are not as effective as traditional speakers in capturing lower sounds. To make up for the limitations, investment in sub woofers should be considered. Also, five or six speakers should be used for the maximum effect, although two speakers can be used if set up properly. Finally In-ceiling speaker require by their nature the ability to cut into the ceiling, something that may not be possible if living in an apartment. Still, for those listening to music somewhere where traditional speakers take up too much space these might make for a great alternative.

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