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Workation Salvador - Learn, Work and enjoy in a natural paradise


December ‎20, ‎2017: If you are not familiar with this term, don’t feel bad. Digital Nomad is not a profession but a lifestyle, this confuses people a lot. And despite being an incredible lifestyle, it is not something simple. Some may think it's like living on vacation, and it can actually be something like this, depending on the point of view.

To try to clarify as much as possible: digital nomads are people who work, just like anyone else, but they live a "free" lifestyle. Yes, the word that defines a digital nomad is freedom. The possibility of possessing nothing that will hold you nowhere. Many don’t own a house, have no car or have something to force them to settle down in one place.

Thinking of this public and those who wish to have that kind of life experience, the Rede+, formed by a group of entrepreneurs with national and international engagement, is launching the "Workation Salvador" program. This program aims to bring together people from all corners of the world to share experiences of coworking and coliving in the first city of Brazil, the city of Salvador. Known for its incredible historic centers, paradisiacal beaches, beautiful walks and, of course, its history. The possibility to learn more about a place like this is something really incredible and now, more possible than ever!

Workation Salvador aims at connecting an exclusive group of 12-15 talented professionals for experiential learning, business development, and cultural activities during 2 weeks. In addition, our first edition is going to build unique entrepreneurial fun experience while creating a lasting venture impact for all participants. The program of activities will include: Co-living, professional-creative-cool coworking space, global connections, tropical weather and beautiful beaches in Salvador's unique cultural landscape.

Click in the link http://www.workationsalvador.com to understand more about the program that will change your life forever.

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