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Popular West Los Angeles Crime book “Young Loc’s on the West Side” is set to become a Hit web

Los Angeles, CA: Urban California author and professional street dancer Legendary Ali Shabazz has collaborated with P.R. Professional and lifestyle author Carey Harris to adapt Young Loc’s into a web series called West Los Scandelous This will be the first urban web series to come out of West Los Angeles.


Formerly, Young Loc’s on the Westside Part II, West Los Scandelous follows a journey down the streets of West Los Angeles filled with lust, con games, greed, and gun play. Just like the book, the web series portrays life in West Los Angeles, revealing deep societal values and activities this side of the city, while drawing on valuable moral lessons. Legendary Ali Shabazz who is also director of the series, does not hold anything back; he recently shared: "I'm going to give it to them uncut, raw, and straight with no chaser." Viewers should expect nothing less than the same fascinating and thrilling experience offered by the book. You may visit here https://www.legendaryalishabazz.com/west-los-scandelous


About The Author


Legendary Ali Shabazz is the author of several books including Moral Dilemma, Young Loc’s on the Westside, Dubie the Hustler: A Hip-Hop Love Story, Professional Street Dance and several more critically acclaimed works as well as frequent speaker at events and on radio shows,


Media Contact:                        

Tausha Matt


Twitter @snhpr


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