Nova releases a new single titled “Sand and Sea”

Nova Casanova has a new single, Sand and Sea, a strong Grammy contender and environmental awareness theme song. The single, which was released earlier this month, is already making shock waves in the world music scene. It is set to do well in the market for its message as well as melodious beats and sounds that drive the deep message home. The Ultra Rock song urges the inhabitants of the earth to save the only planet we have, take care of the environment, and avoid wanton destruction which will make life on earth unbearable.

The song asks pertinent questions of where mankind will go when the beautiful earth is no more. Nova blames human greed, poor political decisions, and hedonistic consumption as some of the reasons that our beautiful earth is being erased. The artist in the song appeals for people to help each other out, spread the word, the message that is meant to help save the earth.

Sand and sea is not only a strong Grammy award contender but is also a single that every entity campaigning for a better world, clean environment, and sustainable living, should use as their theme song. The message resonates well with what these organizations do – saving the world from the hedonistic consumption and destructive nature of human beings.

Known as the Oliver Stone of Modern Music, Nova is the founder and premier artist of Americana Ultra Rock, a modern form of music which was first predicted by the musical genius Henry Cowell in his book titled “New Musical Resources” in 1917. The Ultra Rock genre sounds entirely fresh and new, something which he calls a brand new and unique sound. The music industry has summarized it as a multi-genre, based on futuristic guitar tuning. Nova is the ambitious sole proprietor of the highly experimental, yet undeniably digestible music genre.

Music analysts have suggested that the new single by Nova should be a collection in every person’s house, office, or car, given its apocalyptic message and the hope which it generates for those who heed the calling. It has been described as a superb record which houses some incredibly polished songwriting and composition skills. It denotes a song writer and artist who is sensitive about environment and earth matters, one who would like to bring positive change to the world. The production is noteworthy, rounding the experience out as one of the finer efforts in indie music in 2018. The song has also been described as alluring: Nova’s sensual vocal style is said to be unique, one that lures the listeners with an intriguing, cleverly crafted rhythm and harmony with lyrics, which are arranged in a poetic form. You may visit here at

The Irish American singer has inherited a love of music and unique storytelling from his ancestors; he comes from a family which is known to be musical. He has exploited this by putting all his effort into making good music for all. Nova Casanova is a pioneer of Ultra Rock, a music genre which is based on futuristic guitar tuning. The singer represents a panorama of sounds which bring to life a story of world love, a message of hope and inspiration. He brings out a serious issue that need attention exuding love, joy, hate, and sadness in equal measure, each directed to a group of people who play different parts in making the world what it is today.

Sand and Sea is already available in major music outlets. It is also available for a digital download at the Nova Casanova online music shop at

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