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Recycying New Orleans because of Katrina

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Jul 18, 2018  ( 1 post )  
2:11 pm
Nikki Hagan (nikkihagan)

The sustainability of recycling New Orleans after  Katrina ruined a initially poor neighborhood of New Orleans. After the storm hit most of the citizens left the city for good because their homes had vanished and they had nothing to return too. A whole quarter as well as a community was destroyed. The lower ninth ward was hit the hardest because it was below sea level. When the levees of Mississippi broke because of the storm a chain reaction occurred because it was flooded and blown away after the storm. Which produced thousands of lives and homes. Walking thought the neighborhood today one can still see the foundations where there was entrances of their homes. today you still can see what Katrina left behind even after all these years. The amount of people that is living there is not the amount of what it use to be. There are all kinds of foundation that is bringing back families to thier homes. They are making a sustainable lifestyle for these families that they are to help. It takes alot of money time and determination in order to do this.

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