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Sherry MacAdam (sherrymacadam)

NBA LIVE Mobile will be endorsed by three retired NBA stars in the 2018-2019 season: Joel Embed, James Harden and Allen Iverson! Last season, Joel Embed and James Harden, two happy enemies, came and went to each other on the field, and now they speak for NBA LIVE Mobile with Big Brother Allen Iverson. Are these three superstars in the same frame full of joy?

The new season is more passionate and confrontations are everywhere.

"NBA LIVE Mobile" has been adhering to the principle of competitive confrontation since it entered the public's vision. It interprets the connotation of NBA events based on competition with fierce basketball confrontation. From the beginning of the game, the confrontation has already started. Should you cherished this short article as well as you want to obtain more information concerning NBA LIVE Mobile Coins kindly go to our site.

Players entering the game for the first time will face the challenge of training in the NBA LIVE Mobile Academy, where the game will provide basketball skills and tactics, as well as tactical cooperation in various environments. Novice players should pay special attention to the "NBA LIVE Mobile" College training is more difficult, so even if it is the first time to enter the game, it is also facing a severe test of competitive manipulation technology!

In addition to the training of NBA LIVE Mobile Academy, the game also provides more special skills and tactics training for the vast number of players. When these training is completed, besides mastering special skills and tactics, they can also get rich rewards. For example: new training, mobile master Nebid and so on. After having solid basketball skills, players can be proficient in all kinds of NBA matches and display cool skills.

Brand new UI, exciting events at a glance

"NBA LIVE Mobile" new season UI upgrade! More humanized game interface, allowing players to grasp all the contents of the game at a glance. The content layout of the game is displayed in the form of windows, with real-time rolling game information, which makes the main interface of NBA LIVE Mobile full of modern and information sense. Players can read all the game content only by sliding the screen left and right. In addition, on the far left side of the screen, there is a push-pull pop-up box to assist players to quickly access the game content. Is this setting a lot easier? And the game's main interface has a strong sense of BGM rhythm. Even if you don't play games, listening to BGM is enough to make people boil.

Wonderful play, great reward

After the start of the new season, "NBA LIVE Mobile" has brought a rich and colorful format game play for the majority of players. There are personal technical and tactical challenges in the form of checkpoints, and there are also exciting confrontations under interactive mode. Through these games, players will not only become more familiar with the game, but also get a lot of game materials, which will lay the foundation for building a self-exclusive basketball empire.

For example, the challenges in the activity interface, such as "the most valuable player's road", "the newcomer", "the mobile master Enbid", are the personal challenge games that players first come into contact with. The characteristics of these three activities are: the way to cultivate the technical and tactical characteristics of specific stars. For example, how can we let the hardheaded harden go all in? Although it improves the difficulty of the game for novice players, is this not the most attractive place for competitive games?

In the game of confrontation, including: the ultimate duel, real-time athletics, today's American professional basketball, league, season and other play methods. These games require players to master the high court skills before they can perform well. Of course, in addition to the necessary competitive manipulation technology, the strength of their own team should also be constantly improved.

In the new season, the probability of high score players'cards appearing is increased, and the attributes of players are rationally optimized. Weakening the bonus of the star card attribute to the game, emphasizing that players can enhance the fun of the game through competitive manipulation. This is also one of the most noteworthy features of the new season of NBA LIVE Mobile. When you have virtually any inquiries relating to in which and also the way to utilize NBA Mobile Coins , it is possible to email us on our own page.

When "Joel Embed, James Harden and Allen Iverson" NBA superstars bring the new season of "NBA LIVE Mobile" to players, what are basketball-loving players hesitating about? Full-scale real-time competitive confrontation, real 5V5 basketball competition, there is no standing AI playing method, everything through the hands of players, to build their own NBA basketball empire! Come on, look at your strength!

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