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The dangers of sexting ur pic

We all know how sexting begins. A romantic text when you’re apart becomes a racy text, which becomes a risque photo. All good, steamy fun … until a third party sees what you’ve sent.




Your private texts may be totally safe in your trustworthy boyfriend’s hands, but what about that friend of his, who might think sharing your sexy messages would be a hilarious prank? Can you guarantee that your boyfriend will never misplace his phone? And what about after a fight, or if you break up?

Breakups are never fun, but they’re much worse if one person has compromising photos of the other person. A risque photo in an angry ex-boyfriend’s hands is just embarrassment waiting to happen! There are entire websites devoted to ex-girlfriend p0rn, and no, I’m not going to link to any. Ladies, do your best to make sure you don’t end up on one!


Public embarrassment may feel life-ending, but leaked sexts could lead to even more trouble. If you’re, say, a kindergarten teacher, your now-public sexts could cost you your job. You could lose your spot in a university honor society. Flirty sexts can come back to ruin lives. And even if you don’t get sacked, how uncomfortable would work be after an all-staff email of your naked body?


For teens, the consequences are more severe. A consensual topless pic shared on a phone can make both boyfriend and girlfriend child pornographers.

Girls, don’t let a moment’s risque fun ruin your life later on. Protect yourself from future consequences when you sext!


Originally publish at Loveawake dating site blog.

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