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Everything You Should Know About The Dangers Of Bydureon


A bydureon pen is a pen pre-filled, single used pen injector, its a new treatment for type 2 diabetes and works by helping the body release its own insulin when needed to reduce glucose present in the blood.


It is a treatment of its kind as it has a unique continuous release delivery system under the skin. Each dose is made of microspheres (tiny particles) that gradually release the medicine into your body.


How To Use Bydureon Pen?


Type 2 diabetes is a serious disease as you know affecting everyone from all walks of life from children to the adults and therefore needs proper management with the use of bydureon pen which is a medication that you only take once in a week and eliminates the need for you to transfer the medication between vial and syringe.


Its indicated as an adjunct to exercise and diet to improve glycemic in adults with type 2 diabetes mellitus.


One dose lasts for seven days with each dose providing a gradual increase in the amount of exenatide in your blood as it is released from the tiny particles.


Your diabetes specialist or doctor will guide you on how to administer bydureon correctly before you use it for the first time.


Dangers Of Bydureon:


This is a prescription drug used in the treatment of type two diabetes mellitus.


It is usually injected under the skin and aids your body in the production and release of insulin when required.


It also inhibits the liver from producing excess amounts of sugar.


Like any other pharmaceutical product, it may cause a few after effects and reactions.


Possible Response To Bydureon:


Bydureon may cause thyroid tumors. A patient can develop thyroid tumors while on Bydureon.


Anaphylaxis From Some Of The Ingredients:


This is a severe allergic reaction. One may experience difficulty breathing, swelling of the throat and airway and skin rashes.


Kidney Failure:


Symptoms of kidney failure include; swelling, confusion, lethargy, weakness, shortness of breath and abnormal heart rhythms.


Stomach Problems:


Inform your physician if you notice any stomach problems such as slowed emptying, constipation, and diarrhea.




This illness is inflammation of the pancreas. It is characterized by the following symptoms; upper abdominal pain that goes through to the back, abdominal pain that worsens after meals, fever, rapid pulse, nausea, vomiting, unintentional weight loss, abdominal tenderness and oily stool.


Injection Site Reactions:


This is damage to the skin around where the drug is usually administered. These reactions are not necessarily caused by allergens.




The use of by duration in addition to other similar medications greatly increases one’s chances of getting low blood sugar.


Weight Loss:


Bydureon has been seen to promote weight loss in those who are taking it.


Other common dangers of this drug are; diarrhea, headache, vomiting, loss of appetite, hair loss, constipation, and indigestion


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