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Sign of Cheating Spouse: There is No Sign

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Mar 7, 2019  ( 1 post )  
12:45 am
Andie Murray (mashkakashka)


In many of the articles and interviews with experienced private investigators, they often talk about the tell tale signs of a cheating spouse. Some of them are pretty obvious. For instance lipstick on the collar or a change in work schedule where they are putting in longer hours on the job are two good indicators that something is amiss.


Then there are others which may not be so obvious and require a little detective work. The financial statements from time to time include an unfamiliar charge.  Phone activity whether it’s the cell or house phone seems to occur frequently and at odd moments. The way they act on the phone when you are around may further your suspicions.  And don’t forget the computer. For some reason every time you sit down to use it, all activity and history has been wiped clean.


But in a few instances, none of these signs are occurring. They get home at exactly the same time and don’t go back out. If they do they usually ask you to come along. The credit card activity looks normal. Your computer still indicates the places you and your significant other visited weeks even months ago.  Household and cell phone activity also appears to be normal. When you walk in on the middle of their conversation they have no panicked expression nor does their body language change.


But you know something is wrong. You are not really a suspicious person by nature yet the nagging feeling in the pit of your stomach will not go away. What’s up?

One of the ways for a cheating spouse to be successful is to give the appearance of normalcy. Make sure the day to day routine of the current relationship stays exactly as is and guard against anything that would raise a red flag.


The problem is that having an extramarital affair requires time. There are only so many hours in a day so to make the affair work means that certain things in a relationship must be sacrificed. Not to where it adds up to so you cannot help but notice but just picking and choosing so as to go undetected or to where it can be easily explained.

If your intuition is sounding the alarm then do yourself a favor and pay extra attention. People dismiss their instincts sometimes as just the work of an over active imagination since it does not take the logical path like your mind which says everything checks out.


That may be true but when in doubt follow your instinct.


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