Zolnier Games releases our new College Basketball Game at the most exciting time of the year!

Zolnier Games releases our new College Basketball Game at the most exciting time of the year! Zolnier Games is excited to announce the release of College BBALL Coach 2 Basketball Sim, the follow-up to our very successful first college basketball game. We’re also doubly excited to release this new game during the best time of year in college basketball!


We’ve listened to all of your amazing ideas and have worked twice as hard to make College BBALL Coach 2 the deepest and most comprehensive college basketball sim game to date! Let’s be honest, it’s the college basketball sim game we know you’ve been wanting and we can’t wait for you to try it!


This time, you’ll experience the deepest college basketball sim on the mobile market, with full stats and records, 20+ player ratings, player positions, extensive recruiting and a much more comprehensive simulation of the game.


You'll still need to manage your team and recruit new players, but now you have much more to do! Set your offensive and defensive strategies, tempo, go-to players, rotations and minutes - and that's just the beginning! We're also excited to introduce a full game simulation engine, where you can watch the play-by-play as your games happen and make adjustments on the fly. In addition, we've added Game Impact Moments where you quickly step into the shoes of your players and be asked to make the big shot!


We're also happy to announce that you now have the option of coaching a MENS or a WOMENS team! We're very excited about this and can't wait for you to try it!

Can you handle the pressure? How quickly can you win a National Championship? Can you be the greatest college basketball coach of all time? It’s time to find out!

College BBALL Coach 2 Basketball Sim is now available FOR FREE* on iTunes, Google Play as well as the Amazon App Store.


iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/college-bball-coach-2/id1454167983?ls=1&mt=8


Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.hotmail.zolnier.College_BBALL_Coach_2


Amazon App Store: <COMING SOON>

*We want to make this game available to as many players as possible, so we are offering it as a free (adsupported) release with the ability to unlock an ad-free version from within the game! We hope you enjoy College BBALL Coach 2 Basketball Sim as much as we have enjoyed making it!


We packed some great features into College BBALL Coach 2:


• A complete and deep statistical engine that utilizes 20+ player ratings and full positions.


• Manage your team starters, depth chart, set rotation minutes, tempo and choose from over 10 offensive and defensive strategies to ensure your team plays exactly the way you want!


• A complete game simulation engine that lets you watch the play-by-play as each of your games unfold in real-time.


• Use Game Impact Moments to step into the shoes of your players and make that big shot during your games!


• Leverage a simple yet challenging “mini-game” approach to weekly practice to improve your players.


• Progress through a 32-game regular season that culminates in your conference tournament or even the national championship tournament, if you are so lucky!!


• A full recruiting simulation after every season, with 15 different recruiting actions! One of the deepest and most challenging recruiting simulations in sports gaming, but satisfyingly straight-forward and easy to play! Yeah, we’re super proud of this one!


• View a full range of season and career stats and historical records for every player and team as well as your individual career win-loss records against every team in the game.


• Track your career progress, contract status and coaching achievements to ensure you are hall-of-fame material. Oh, and by the way, if you aren’t able to find success, you could very well find yourself out of a job, too!


• Thumb through a 15-page digital college basketball preview magazine at the beginning of every season! We’ve also made this game one of the more customizable basketball games in the marketplace, with the ability to unlock some great in-game upgrades:


• Choose Any Team to Start - unlock the ability to choose any team to begin your coaching career.


• Conference Editor - modify the name of each the conference in the game, as well as swap teams between conferences.


• Court Editor - customize and edit the courts for every team in the game, including colors, text, and even custom images!


• Player Editor - edit the names, attributes and ratings for every player in the game.


• Schedule Editor - customize your team's schedule and create your own big matchups!


• Team Editor - modify name, colors, reputation, region and state for every team in the game.


• Recruiting Boost – use this to give yourself an extra “boost” in your recruiting efforts. Don’t worry! There are no recruiting violations here!


Initial responses to our game have been positive and full of overwhelming excitement:


“OMG! This is exactly what I hoped you would make!”


“Best iOS basketball game ever!”


“This game is amazing – pretty challenging but easy to play and super fun! Thanks for making it!”


About Zolnier Games:


Zolnier Games is a small (one-man mostly) creative group, focused on developing new and innovative mobile games for all types of players. We have an extensive background in sports stats and gaming and we are excited to bring our passion in these areas to the mobile games space!


For further information about Zolnier Games or our latest mobile games, interested individuals may contact us via the following:

David Zolnier
Zolnier Games
Phone: 630-788-8484

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